A Cluster of Lights

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What pleasure
Spring curls in
Out of Steam (1968)
Welsh Stream (1963)
The Nature of Polarity
Flakes of Fire
The forest like a galleon sways
Across a salt marsh
Song at the Tomb of Pir Suleiman (1970)
A Dance on Helicon (1966)
Sunshine tiptoed softly
In bouncing sharps and flats
Green Sybil
Switched off….switched on
Where the deep sky folds
What’s for Real?
Cadbury Castle (1975)
Sunday Walk
I ran, ran like taking off
Love’s Conceit (à Watteau)
Golden and White
Nereus’ Passionate Sea (1965)
Elysian Ache
Parting Silence Shared Apart
I had placed you…
Out of a single glance
Muffled up 
The Touch of a Master Man (1958)
Ancient Greece (1962)
Addison’s Walk  (1966) 
Murree (1970)
Two halves made whole in love’s embrace
Beneath the Radiant Canopy
I pondered earth from inner space
Benediction and the Curse
Man, thinking, makes a fool of God
Winds of Consciousness
Sound, Light, Ocean 
A Child of the Starry Heaven
The Call
On a Broadcast Live from Mir (Peace)