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The New Look: Summary of Summaries


array wiki VeryLargeThe New Look is what? They say that ‘attitude is everything’ and this book summarises a fresh perspective on life and cosmos. The vessel of this perspective is, appropriately enough in an age of information and computer logic, binary; and its primary aim is, in the words of Albert Einstein, seeking the simplest possible scheme of thought that will bind together the observed facts. Such a philosophical structure is here introduced and related to the sciences of psychology, physics, biology and sociology.

The anti-parallel directions of mind that you constantly employ involve sensation and contemplation. In fact, a physical scientist (where science means knowledge) and metaphysical scientist both seek, by controlled experiment, to find the principles of matter and mind, the outer and inner truths of life and cosmos. These holy grails are of different quality but, at the same time, their seeker can be one and the same person. Is that person you?



meditator -2Summary of Summaries? This book abbreviates the whole Philosophy of Natural Dialectic. It therefore includes holistic and materialistic perspectives on the major divisions and sub-divisions of science. But the abbreviation is severe and terseness of explanation leads to questions so that the volume includes copious footnotes. These lead to elaborations of answers to your questions in the other, longer books this website illustrates.

Actually a summary represents, as well as an end of essay, a start. It draws back together details and elaborations that a simple idea and sketched outline of a plan originally set in motion – this time with answers. And since information plays a major role in the holistic explanation of our world, we can reasonably compare a central practice of IT – top-down programming –  with the construction of this book. Programs always start with a purpose; from this crux a systems analyst sketches out associated constituents and arranges them in data models, flow charts and so on. In the case of New Look plan is rigorously developed through stages leading, like the codified steps of a computer algorithm, to the specified result. Thus, this book and its associates act as a kind of cosmic top-down program. Take a look and see.


Lecture 1:    Introduction
Lecture 2:    Information
Lecture 3:    Psychology
Lecture 4:    Physics
Lecture 5:    Biology
Lecture 6:    Community