Science and Philosophy – A Fresh Perspective

This book’s binary perspective, dealing in opposites and their balanced resolution, takes materialism and holism as two basic axioms. It then systematically compares their interpretation of our world. Is one axiom stronger and the other weaker, one half-true and the other wholly so? How does this comparison work out?

Holism includes both material and immaterial elements. Its immaterial element is simply information in two aspects – actively informant and passively informed.

The significance of these dualities (of holistic axiom and of the two aspects of information) will be thoroughly elaborated. If there exists a natural, immaterial element, the exercise of elaboration is important because it reveals the logic of holism – a logic not in every case ranged with materialism’s exercise.

At least, as a starting-point, it is asserted that a scientific world-view that does not profoundly and completely come to terms with the nature of conscious mind can have no serious pretension of wholeness.

In this case, of what exactly is your mind as well as your material body made? Whence did each of these two basic facts of life originate? The nested overview provided by the Contents Box (on the right) immediately displays the order of such comparison in terms of science, dramatic art and you, a microcosmic player in your larger house, great nature’s universe. Equally, it shows five main zones of thought our exploration has to travel through.



How far can these zones be materialised? Could any paradigm uproot a secular perspective? In other words, is there any thrust able to conclusively refute secular materialism by using its own tools, that is, by way of argument involving scientific evidence from physics, psychology, biology and information technology? Let’s embark upon a voyage of discovery. Let us see. Firstly, to grasp in greater detail, let’s expand the Contents Box into a map (as unfolded in the Contents section, just below).

With map in hand the broad lie of the land is clear. It now remains to test this book. Can its reasons and reality be philosophically annihilated or is its holistic logic indestructible?

To this question and lots more welcome aboard (in alphabetical order) all Agnostics, Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Humanists, Jews, Muslims, Parsees, Taoists and other sorts of faith or lack of it.

In summary, exclusively materialistic and inclusively holistic science differ. Their angles of perspective are, in certain cases, diametrically opposed. It is the intention of Science and the Soul to clarify, perhaps even reconcile, this couple of apparently opposing world-views in a surprisingly simple, obvious and yet perhaps iconoclastic way.

Thus, armed with SAS, read on.

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Book 0: ABC and Information
Chapter 0: Anti-parallel Perspectives

  • The Light in Your Eye
  • Experience
  • World-view
  • Opposite Directions of Mind
  • Two Sorts of Implement Opposite
  • Two Pillars: a Dialogue of Faith
  • Scientific Delusions
  • Religious Delusions
  • A Complementary Course

Chapter 1: Natural Dialectic’s ABC

  • Natural Dialectic

Chapter 2: First Principles

  • First Principles
    • Nothing
    • Something
  • Two Existential Principles
    • Causality
    • Polarity
  • The Basic Existential Dipole
    • Information
    • Energy
    • Informed Energy

Chapter 3: Hierarchical Perspective

  • Hierarchical, Triplex Construction of the Cosmic Pyramid
  • Subtendence
  • Transcendence
  • The Cosmological Axis

Chapter 4: Truth, Appearance and Reality

  • Truth, Appearance and Reality
  • Two Value Systems
  • Rights and Wrongs
  • From Science to Conscience
  • Is There an Absolute Morality?

Chapter 5: The Immaterial Element

  • Information, Messages, Arrangement
  • Information is Immaterial
  • Information is Hierarchical
  • Orderly Creation
  • The God Delusion?
  • ID, IC, IE – Call it What You Will
  • Alignment with Truth
  • (Sat) Potential or Transcendent Information
    • Top Teleology

Chapter 6: Mind, Machines and Mind Machines

  • (Raj) Active Information
    • Purposely Down to Earth
    • Getting Your Way – Pragmatics
    • What Do You Mean?
  • (Tam) Passive Information
    • Information’s Infrastructure – Code
    • The Lowest, Physical Level
  • Music
  • Machines
  • Mind Machines
  • Universal Authorship

Book 1: Physics
Chapter 7: Lady Luck and Lord Deliberate

  • The Order of Invariance
  • Precondition/ Potential
  • Cosmo-logic
  • Lack of Cosmo-logic
  • Getting to Grips with Lady Luck
  • Are You Certain?
  • Towards a Theory of Physic and Metaphysic
  • Can Mathematics Help Us?
  • Punting on the Cosmic Stream
  • Shots in the Dark
  • The Chance-Killer
  • A Culture of Doubt
  • The Matrix

Chapter 8: Principles of a Unified Theory of Matter

  • The Principles of a Unified Theory of Matter
  • Infinity
  • Unity and Unification
    • Holy Grails
    • Snip, Snip
    • Split Continuity
    • Boxing the Infinite

Chapter 9: Nothing

  • The Nature of Nothing
    • The Order of Nothing
    • How Does Nothing Physical Work?
    • Old Vacuums
    • New Vacuums
    • Dialectical Vacuum
    • Is Space a Waste?

Chapter 10: Time

  • Time
  • Species of Time
    • Super-time
    • Psycho-time
    • Archetypal Time
    • Bio-time
    • Material Times
  • The Geometry of Time
    • AC-time
    • DC-time
  • Grades, Principles and Times
  • How Long has Time Hung Round?

Chapter 11: Energy

  • Matter’s Holy Ghost
  • Grit in the Ghost
  • Alpha Points
  • How Fit?

Chapter 12: Magnificent Mythology

  • Fit
  • Pass The Paracetamol
  • Labours of an Empty Womb
  • Order Below a Physical Start
  • You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
  • Approaching a Magnificent Mythology
  • Atheism’s Last Refuge
  • Points Omega

Book 2: Psychology
Active Information (Psychological)
Chapter 13: Consciousness

  • Psyche and Psychology
  • Soul to Sell?
  • The Neurological Delusion
  • Does Brain Originate or Mediate?
  • Consciousness
  • Open Up the Brainbox!
  • Build Yourself a Brain!
  • Towards a Unified Theory of Science and Psychology

Chapter 14: Five States of Mind

  • Top-down, Hierarchical Psychology
  • First State of Consciousness –
    • The Psychology of Transcendence
  • Second and Third States of Consciousness –
    • The Psychology of Waking Normalcy
  • Upper, Metaphysical Loop
  • Lower, Physical Loop
  • Quality of Mind
  • Quality of Information
  • The Ascent of Man

Passive Information (Psychological)
Chapter 15: Subconsciousness

  • A Black Box
  • Sleepy Head
  • The Fourth State of Consciousness –
    • The Psychology of Dreaming
  • The Fifth State of Consciousness –
    • The Psychology of Deep Sleep
  • The Sixth State of Consciousness –
    • The Psychology of Physic
  • Frozen Time
  • Psychosomatic Linkage
  • Synchromesh 1 – Awareness and Memory
  • The Personal Mnemone

Chapter 16: Archetype

  • The Typical Mnemone
  • H. archetypalis, the Image of Man
  • Signal Translation
  • Instinct
  • Morphogene
  • H. electromagneticus
  • Synchromesh 2 – Psychosomasis
  • How Does the Connection Work?

Chapter 17: Caduceus

  • The Logic of Embodiment
  • Core Principles
  • Morphogenic Crystals
  • The Logic of Development
  • Caduceus: the Human Morphogene
  • The Informant Domain
  • The Informed, Energetic Domain

Chapter 18: Death

  • One Thing Is Certain…
  • D-Day
  • The Logic of Disembodiment
  • Towards a Unified Theory of Life and Death
  • Post-mortem Psychology
  • Anathema
  • Immortalities
  • High-level Death is Life
  • Ante-natal Psychology

Book 3: Biology
Passive Information (Biological)
Chapter 19: Unified Biology

  • The Principles of a Unified Theory of Biology
  • The Basis of Biology is Information
  • Biology is Hierarchical and Cyclical
  • The Central Executive is Homeostasis
  • Nuclear Super-Computing
  • Conceptual Biology

Chapter 20: Alchemy

  • Chemical Evolution?
  • Darwin: Half Right, Wholly Wrong?
  • Modern Alchemy
    • Not a Great Start
    • Atmospherics
    • Unnatural Interference
    • Evaporated Soup
    • Chained-Up Unchained
    • Not So Sweet
    • Bags of Life
    • Reflections
    • Join Up, Fold Up
    • Number Games
    • Pristine Instruction
    • DNA
    • Supreme Elegance
    • Supreme Density of Data Storage
    • Supreme Operation
    • Perplexity
    • R not DNA?
    • Raw Energy Spawns Disarray

Chapter 21: Cell Sell

  • Catalytic Philosophy
  • Energy Metabolism Perchance?
  • The Origin of Irreducibly Complex Mechanisms
  • Minimal Functionality
  • Natural Nanotechnology
  • Biosynthesis
  • In Extremis
  • Tick Tock
  • A Definite Flight from Science

Chapter 22: Neo-Darwinism Isn’t Fit

  • What’s the Problem?
  • The Editor: Natural Selection
  • The Origin of Species
  • Galapagos and All That
  • The Tree of Life
  • Homology: Common Descent or Common Design?
  • The Origin of Type
  • Types of Fossil

Chapter 23: Neo-Darwinism Doesn’t Work

  • The Creator: Mutation
  • Entropy of Information
  • Evolution in Action?
  • Non-Protein-Coding DNA
  • Hierarchical Language
  • Super-codes and Adaptive Potential
  • Natural Genetic Engineering

Chapter 24: An Impossible Dream

  • Anti-Parallel Interpretations of Biology
  • Twists that Entwine
  • The Reproductive Archetype
  • The Origin of Asex
  • The Origin of Sex
  • Archetypal Sex
  • Archetypal Sex Expressed
  • Which Came First?

Chapter 25: Extra-Grand Mythology

  • The Origin of Growth and Development
  • Bio-logic
  • Logically Expressed
  • Evo-devo
  • A Clap of Fragile Wings
  • A Mutant Ape?
  • As You Like It: Scientific Animism
  • Has Darwin Had His Day?
  • Theories of Accommodation

Book 4: Community
Chapter 26: Community/ Society

  • Towards a Unified Theory of Community: Scientific Part
    • Physical Part
    • Biological Part
  • Nature’s Negativity
  • The Nature of Evil
  • Towards a Unified Theory of Community: Social Part
    • Peripheral Religion
    • Nuclear Religion
    • Politics
    • Law
  • Towards a Unified Theory of Community: Individual Part
    • Self-Government
    • Individual Association

Chapter 27: Up and Away

  • Where Does the Data Actually Lead?
  • Bottom Line, Top Conclusion
  • Lux et Veritas